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first post! yay! - UGA Early Modern Union of Scholars
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Jessica posting in Early Modern Union of Scholars
User: ugaemus (posted by roaringgirl01)
Date: 2007-04-18 21:39
Subject: first post! yay!
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Hey, guys. Jess here. I've set up this community for EMUS--we can decide something organized to do with it at some point, but for now this might be an efficient way to get our ideas together if we're having a hard time getting together in person. To be able to post to the community, go to Livejournal and set up your own account, and then come back to here to apply for membership (I'll have to approve you). Once you have an account, you can make your own posts as well as comment on existing posts. Let me know if you're having any trouble with the program.

I'd like to set up a website soon--I'm looking into maybe using UGA webspace, but purchasing a domain name so we can have an official-sounding dot com. I've also set up a calendar on a Yahoo mail account, which I'll send you the info about soon.
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